DISC '98
(formerly WDAG)

12th International Symposium on DIStributed Computing


List of Accepted Papers Sorted by Author Name

Yair Amir, Alec Peterson and David Shaw, Seamlessly Selecting the Best Copy from Internet-Wide Replicated Web Servers.
James H. Anderson and Rohit Jait and David Ott, Wait-Free Synchronization in Quantum-Based Multiprogrammed Systems.
Hagit Attiya and Alla Gorbach and Shlomo Moran, Computing in Totally Anonymous Asynchronous Shared Memory Systems.
Joffroy Beauquier and Sylvie Delaet and Shlomi Dolev and Sabestien Tixeuil, Transient Fault Detectors.
Jean-Claude Bermond and Nausica Marlin and David Peleg and Stephane Parennes, Directed Virtual Path Layouts in ATM networks.
Francis Chu and Joseph Halpern, A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Reliable Message Delivery.
Israel Cidon and Osnat Mokryn, Propagation and Leader Election in a Multihop Broadcast Environment.
Michael Demmer and Maurice Herlihy, The Arrow Directory Protocol.
Wayne Eberly and Lisa Higham and Jolanta Warpechowska-Gruca, Amortized Complexity of Wait-free Protocols: The Case of Renaming.
Matthias Fitzi and Ueli Maurer, Efficient Byzantine Agreement Secure Against General Adversaries.
Cyril Gavoille and David Peleg, The Compactness of Interval Routing for Almost All Graphs.
Maurice Herlihy and Sergio Rajsbaum, A Complete Classification of Wait-Free Loop Agreement Tasks.
T. Herman, A Stabilizing Repair Time.
Lisa Higham and Jalal Kawash, Java: Memory Consistency and Process Coordination.
Prasad Jayanti, A Complete and Constant Time Wait-Free Implementation of CAS from LL/SC and Vice, Versa.
Marcos Kawazoe Aguilera and Wei Chen and Sam Toueg, Failure Detection and Consensus in the Crash-Recovery Model.
T. Kempster and C.Stirling and P. Thanisch, A More Committed Quorum-Based Three Phase Commit Protocol.
Roger Khazan and Alan Fekete and Nancy Lynch, Multicast Group Communication as a base for a Load-Balancing Replicated Data Service.
R. Kralovic, B. Rovan, P. Ruzicka and D. Stefankovic, Efficient Deadlock-free Multi-dimensional Interval Routing in Interconnection Networks.
Jean-Marc Menaud and Valerie Issarny and Michel Banatre, A New Protocol for Efficient Transversal Web Caching.
Michael Merritt and Gadi Taubenfeld, Fairness of Shared Objects.
Fernando Pedone and Andre Schiper, Optimistic Atomic Broadcast.
Richard Plunkett and Alan Fekete, Approximate Agreement with Mixed Mode Faults: Algorithm and Lower Bound.
Assaf Schuster and Lea Shalev, Using Remote Access Histories for Thread Scheduling in Distributed Shared Memory Systems.
Jeremy Sussman and Keith Marzullo, The Bancomat Problem: An Example of Resource Allocation in a Partitionable Asynchronous System.
Francisco J. Torres-Rojas and Mustaque Ahamad and Michel Raynal, Lifetime Based Consistency Protocols for Distributed Objects.
Yih-Kuen Tsay, Deriving a Scalable Algorithm for Mutual Exclusion.
C. H. Young and N. B. Abu-Ghazaleh and P. A. Wilsey, OFC: A Distributed Fossil-Collection Algorithm for Time-Warp.