Chengyu Cao Associate Professor
Research Area: Dynamics and control, adaptive and unmanned systems, mechatronics
Baki Cetegen, United Technologies Chair Professor
Research Area: Combustion, fluid mechanics
Xu Chen, Assistant Professor
Research Areas: Systems and controls, advanced manufacturing, precision engineering, mechatronics, and robotics 
Wilson K. S. Chiu, Professor
Research Area: Heat and mass transfer, energy materials
Ryan Cooper, Assistant Professor-in-Residence
Research Area: Solid mechanics, materials science, micro- and nanomechanics, multiscale modelling
Dutta Abhishek Dutta, Assistant Professor
Research Area: Control system, Optimization, Mechatronics, Cyber-physical systems security, Systems engineering. 
Amir Faghri, Distinguished Professor of Engineering and Distinguished Dean Emeritus
Research Area: Heat transfer, fluid mechanics
Tai-Hsi Fan, Associate Professor
Research Area: Interfacial fluid mechanics, biological transport phenomena
dgiblin David J. Giblin, Assistant Professor-in-Residence
Research Area: Kinematics and Dynamics
Horea Ilies, Professor and Department Head
Research Area: Computational design, CAD/CAM/CAE
  ZhanZhan JiaAssistant Professor-in-Residence
Research Area: Fabrication, characterization, modeling and simulation of polymers and polymer composites for stress-wave energy management.
Kazem Kazerounian, Professor and Dean of the School of Engineering
Research Area: Design, kinematics, robotics
Jason Lee, Assistant Professor-in-Residence, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Operations
Research Areas: Polymer Nanocomposite and Nanofiber Materials for high strength and high temperature resistant applications.
Ying Li, Assistant Professor 
Research Area: Multiscale modeling, computational material design, mechanics and physics of soft matter, design of mechanical metamaterials and targeted drug delivery
Tianfeng Lu, United Technologies Associate Professor of Engineering Innovation
Research Area: Combustion and computational fluid mechanics
George Lykotrafitis, Associate Professor
Research Area: Cellular mechanics
moreno-vito-thumb Vito Moreno, Professor-in-Residence
Research Area: Applied Mechanics and Gas turbine technology
Thanh Duc Nguyen, Assistant Professor 
Research Area: Nano-micro technology, BioMEMs, Microfluidics, Nanopiezoelectrics, Bionanointerface, Cell/Neuronal Mechanics, Biomaterials and Drug Delivery.
images/prod/images/Julian_Norato.jpg Julian Norato, Assistant Professor 
Research Areas: Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization
Nejat Olgac, Professor
Research Area: Control systems, vibrations
Ugur Pasaogullari, Castleman Associate Professor
Research Area: PEM fuel cells, multiphase transport phenomena
pettes Michael Pettes, Assistant Professor
Research Area:Thermal trasport physics at micro and nano scales. Engineering of materials at the nanoscale
pierce David M. Pierce, Assistant Professor
Research Area: Applied mechanics, Bio related applications
Chih-Jen (Jackie) Sung,Connecticut Clean Energy Fund Professor in Sustainable Energy
Research Area: Combustion, propulsion, laser diagnostics, fuel chemistry
Jiong Tang, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Research Area: Structure and system dynamics, controls
SAVAS_TASOGLU.jpg Savas Tasoglu, Assistant Professor 
Research Areas: Complex fluid dynamics, micro-assembly approaches, magnetics, microfluidics, regenerative medicine, and cryopreservation
/prod/images/BryanWeber.jpg Bryan Weber, Assistant Professor-in-Residence
Research Areas: Combustion, Alternative Fuels, Fuel Chemistry
Bi Zhang, Professor
Research Area: Precision design and manufacturing
Dianyun Zhang,  Assistant Professor
Research Areas: Multiscale modeling of composite materials, high temperature performance of ceramic matrix composites
images/prod/images/Xinyu_Zhaos.jpg Xinyu ZhaoAssistant Professor
Research Areas: Turbulent combustion modeling, Radiative heat transfer, Uncertainty quantification in computational fluid dynamics
Michael Accorsi, Senior Associate Dean and Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Joint Appointment with Mechanical Engineering
Research Area: Structures and applied mechanics
Robert Gao, Visiting Professor
Research Area: Sensing, mechatronics, biomechanics
Jeong-Ho Kim, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Joint Appointment with Mechanical Engineering
Research Area: Computational fracture mechanics, finite element methods, functionally graded materials, Fuel cells
Zhuyin Ren, Visiting Assistant Professor 
Research Area: Computational fluid mechanics and reacting flow simulations
Michael Renfro,  Visiting Professor 
Research Area: Combustion, optical diagnostics
Thomas Barber, Professor Emeritus
Research Area: Computational and physical fluid dynamics
John Bennett, Professor Emeritus
Research Area: Teaching pedagogy, fluid mechanics turbulence, instrumentation
Zbigniew Bzymek, Associate Professor 
Research Area: Design, CAD modeling
Brice Cassenti Professor-in-Residence 
Research Area: Applied mechanics, computational mechanics, supercomputing and advanced propulsion
Ed Crow, Professor Emeritus
Research Area: Gas turbine technology
Robert Jeffers, Professor Emeritus
Research Area: Solid Mechanics
Eric Jordan, United Technologies Professor of Advanced Materials Processing
Research Area: Experimental and theoretical mechanics
Herbert Koenig, Professor Emeritus
Research Area: Computational Solid Mechanics
Lee Langston, Professor Emeritus
Research Areas: Fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and experimental and analytical studies of three-dimensional flows and heat transfer in general applications and in turbomachines
Roman Solecki, Professor Emeritus
Research Area: Advanced mechanics of materials
Marcelle Wood, Instructor Emeritus
Research Area: Vibrations, robotics



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