ICATHS '03  

Mike Atallah, Distinguished Professor, Computer Science, Purdue University

John Buturla, Director, Office of Homeland Security, State of Connecticut

Edward Carapezza, Program Manager, Advanced Technology Office, DARPA

Alok Chaturvedi, Director, Homeland Security Institute, Purdue University

Ruth David, President & CEO, The Anser Institute for Homeland Security

Don Dickson, Executive Director, Texas Engineering Experiment Station, Texas A&M University

Yevgeniy Dodis, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, New York University

Amy Donahue, Senior Advisor to the Administrator for Homeland Security, NASA

Esin Gulari, Division Director, Division of Chemical & Transport Systems, National Science Foundation

Braham Himed, Senior Research Engineer, Sensors Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory

Bahram Javidi, Distinguished Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Connecticut

Randy Jirtle, Professor, Radiation Oncology, Duke University Medical Center

Kei Koizumi, Director, R&D Budget & Policy Program, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Kalle Levon, Associate Dean of Research & Intellectual Property, Polytechnic University

Robert McGarry, Program Manager, First Responder Program; and Neal Olderman, Program Manager, Exercises and Evaluation Program, Connecticut Homeland Security Education Center

David L. Miller, Director-Physical Sciences, Idaho National Engineering & Environmental Laboratory, Energy & Environmental Sciences Division

Parsa Mirhaji, Center for Biosecurity and Public Health Informatics Research, University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center

John Pennella, Office of Domestic Preparedness, U.S. Justice Department

Dereck Orr, Chief of Staff, SAFECOM, Science and Technology Directorate, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Charles "Chip" Phillips, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, U.S. Military Academy

Robert Popp, Special Assistant to the Administrator, DARPA

William Rees, Critical Infrastructure Protection R&D, DHS

Frank Roberto, Senior Consulting Scientist, Biotechnology Department, Idaho National Engineering & Environmental Laboratory

Alexander Rossolimo, President, Strategy Associates International

Firooz Sadjadi, Staff Scientist, Lockheed Martin

Bruce Schneier, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Counterpane Internet Security

Gary Settles, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director, Gas Dynamics Lab, Penn State University

Rob Simmons, U.S. Congressman, Connecticut

Kurt Linske, Deputy Program Manager for Aerospace & Defense Systems, UGS Corporation

Clay Stanek, ANZUS Corporation

Edward Stuebing, Team Leader, Aerosol Research Group, US Army Edgewood Chemical Biological

Nancy Suski, Emergency Preparedness & Response Directorate, DHS

John G. Voeller, Chief Knowledge Officer & Chief Technology Officer, BV Solutions Group, Inc.

Joseph Vorbach, Commander, U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Vincent Wilczynski, Commander, U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Ching Wu, GE Infrastructure

Adam Young, Research Scientist, Cigital Labs