ICATHS '03  

Poster Specifications

Poster boards can be as large as 4' tall x 6' wide. The most effective use of poster space is usually in a grid plan arranged in columns. Click here for suggestions.

Allow for distance when printing and planning layouts. It is better to include less information and use a larger font. Use clear graphics and large type fonts for figures (e.g., graphs) and tables. Your main points should be straightforward without extended viewing, but appropriate details should be included for those who might find them useful. If necessary, provide handouts that have details that are not included on your poster.

The standard elements of a poster reporting research are: Introduction, Methods, Results (with supporting tables and figures), and a Conclusion or Summary. Using these elements, place the Introduction at the upper left and the Conclusion at the lower right, both in large type. Type should be easily seen from a short distance. It is not necessary to post a copy of the abstract.

A banner for the top of the poster should present the project's title, author, and affiliation. Lettering should be about 1-1/4 inches high for the title, 3/4 inches high for the author's name, and 1/2 inch high for affiliation.

Bring your own tacks to put up your poster.


Included in your exhibit fee of $1,000:
  • One 6 foot table, 2 folding chairs
  • Two exhibitor badges - each exhibitor will be entitled to two representatives per exhibit space who will receive complementary conference registrations
  • Booth identification sign
  • One 110 volt electrical outlet
The exhibits are limited to a 6-foot tabletop, for which we will provide a tablecloth. Exhibits must be self-supporting, the display must fit entirely on the tabletop, and no exhibit may hang over the table provided. Power will be provided in the form of a single 110-volt electrical outlet. If additional outlets are required, you are expected to provide your own power strip. The walls of the exhibit hall cannot be used as a part of the backdrop or support for the exhibit. We strongly recommend that you bring your own tabletop backdrop, which should not exceed 4 feet in height. 
Exhibitor Liability
The Exhibitor assumes responsibility and agrees to indemnify and defend the University of Connecticut and its employees and agents against any claims arising out of the use of the exhibit location. The Exhibitor understands that the University of Connecticut does not maintain insurance covering the Exhibitor’s property and it is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain insurance.

Poster Arrangement Suggestions: