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University of Connecticut School of Engineering Alarm Lab

Single and Multiple Time Delayed Systems (TDS)

Stability and control features of dynamic systems affected by delays are studied.


New paradigm for stability robustness of TDS against uncertain delays: Cluster Treatment of Characteristic Roots (CTCR)

  Stability Analysis for Single and Multiple Time Delay Systems             PPT -  on CTCR

  Animations for Muliple Time Delay Systems                                        PPT -  6th order 3 delay System


Control Synthesis to Stabilize the TDS

Sign Inverting Control                                                                        Eperimental Paper - Simple Logic enlarges the delay tolerance

Delay Scheduling Control                                                                  PPT -  "Can You increase  the existing delay and improve performance?"

Trajectory Tracking Experiment under Presence of Multiple Delays       Inverted Pendulum w/ multiple delays

Homicidial Chauffeur Problem Simulation with Delayed Feedback         A Video Game

High Speed Milling Chatter with Variable Pitch Cutter                           PPT